We are pleased to share that the Great Valley School District Education Foundation successfully hosted its first annual Partnership Breakfast with approximately 70 people in attendance on May 10! 


Held at the Desmond Hotel in Malvern, it was thrilling to see the community response to this inaugural outreach event.  A wonderful cross-section of local business leaders, donors, GVSD students and administrators, and GVSDEF representatives participated.  All gathered in support of GVSDEF’s mission to enrich the total student experience in the Great Valley School District, as a community partner, by funding special projects and programs.


The event kicked off with GVSD Superintendent Dan Goffredo and GVSDEF President Stephen Skoufalos, whose opening remarks celebrated the administration and teachers who are innovating education for our student body as another academic school year comes to a close. 


Board member and chair of the GVSDEF Venture Grant Program, Dr. Rita Jones, spoke on the purpose of the Venture Grant program in providing funding for innovative ideas that integrate with the educational experience.  The Foundation continues to work collaboratively with the school district administration to ensure the grants provided test the effectiveness and applicability of the new and innovative ideas to as many students as possible. 


The Foundation was delighted to showcase a new video highlighting some of the successes of the Venture Grant Program, such as a summer technology camp, a high school CPR training, a high school library makerspace, and the middle school robotics club.


Board Member Abby Magen presented on the good work of the GVSDEF Good Neighbor Program as its chair.  This includes continuing to provide temporary financial support to actively enrolled GVSD students and their families experiencing financial hardship.  The program has played a key part in supporting those affected by the pandemic, as well as offering ongoing services and support for student school and activity needs from covering fees to needed supplies.


Dr. Stephen O’Toole, GVSD Assistant Superintendent, who spoke about the Foundation’s long-term goals, including a focus on expanding the career readiness program for our GVSD students.  Part of this effort included encouraging attendees to join GVSDEF’s new Corporate Advisory Board, which will launch in the fall of 2022.  This group is composed of local business leaders, who will provide counsel and ideas for the Foundation’s initiatives.  If you are a business person interested in joining, please SIGN UP HERE.  It’s a remarkable way to get involved if you want to broaden the future horizons for our GVSD pupils! 


A hearty thank you to all of the Partnership Breakfast attendees who shared their thoughts and feedback on the organization’s current programs, while also learning more about GVSDEF’s exciting new projects.  We look forward to continuing this new Partnership Breakfast tradition and hope to see even more of you as we plan the next event!