Great Valley School District Education Foundation is pleased to offer scholarships and charitable donations.

Please contact Jenifer Murray for further information.

As a community partner, we believe it is important to recognize and empower high school graduates who strive to continue their education. We aim to identify and honor graduates that have consistently met academic requirements of GVSD (growth and progress are of particular interest), exemplified good school citizenship, had a significant role in providing financial or other support for their family and volunteered or worked in community organizations that help others.

This Year's Recipients

This year’s recipients are Luke Nyatteng and Mridula Shanker. Luke will be attending Penn State University and has an interest in finance.  Luke hopes to “educate people on how to manage their money so that they can financially independent and have time to spend with their families.” Mridula was accepted into an eight year Combined Medical Degree program at Union College / Albany Medical College.  Mridula has completed many volunteer and internship positions in the healthcare field, and writes, “The simple thought of making a positive impact in people’s lives motivates me to stay in healthcare.”

This Year's Recipient

This year’s recipient is Riccy Gonzales.  Riccy came to Great Valley in 2019 from Honduras.  Brian Staley, ESL teacher at GVHS writes “As she talks about her past – her country, her family – her mom, Riccy still smiles.  It is a wistful smile, but also a proud one, a smile of a person who holds much more wisdom than any 18-year-old should…  I would like her to know that Great Valley is smiling back because we are happy to have had her laughter in our halls.  I would like her to know that we are smiling back because we found inspiration in the way she confronts life’s toughest challenges with joy.  I want Riccy to know that we are smiling back because, just as her family is and her mom surely would be, we are proud of all that she has accomplished.”