During February will you be our Valentine for the Good Neighbor Program?  Through a generous benefactor, the Foundation Board is issuing a Match Challenge to the GVSD Community.  The Benefactor will match up to the first $5000 contributed to the Good Neighbor Program during the month of February. 

All donations will be used to purchase grocery gift cards, helping school district families in need. So far, thanks to the GVSD community, we have helped close to 100 school district families with the Good Neighbor Program. Please reach out to help us match the challenge.  Many of our neighbors are hurting; lets ease their burden through this simple act of a small donation. 

Consider a donation during February!

Have A Heart Match Challenge

Currently, the Foundation is providing grocery gift cards in support of our families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Good Neighbor Program Mission: The GVSDEF’s Good Neighbor Program provides temporary financial support to actively enrolled GVSD students and their families experiencing financial hardship.

Services provided under this program:

Student School & Activity Needs– This category of support is intended to help students with financial need participate more fully in the opportunities available in school. This financial support includes, but is not limited to:

School Supplies
Sports Fees
Club Fees
Class Trip Fees
Instrument Rental
Testing Fees
School Lunch
Technology Fee

Family Needs – This category of support is intended to assist the family beyond the needs of an individual student. This support includes

Grocery Gift Card

(The above categories of support are subject to change.) 

How is this program funded:

The intent is to have the GNP funded by donations specifically gifted to the Program, however, from time to time the GVSDEF Board of Directors (BOD), at its discretion, may allocate additional funds for the Program. Funds for the Student School & Activity Needs and Family Needs will be allocated annually as approved by the BOD. 


Please select the donate button to make your contribution to help 
Great Valley families in need.

Or make your check payable to GVSD Education Foundation and mail to

P.O.Box 74 Malvern, PA 19355