Steam Creation Stations

The STEAM Creation Stations Venture Grant provides students in the High School Library with more low-tech and no-tech opportunities to engage, collaborate, connect, inquire, and create with each other, at their own pace, while stimulating social connection, brain breaks, community building, and problem-solving skills.

Students drawing on the Buddha Boards, which are temporary water painting pads promoting mindfulness.

Students creating Perler Bead projects. Perler Beads allow you to create images or creatures out of plastic beads. Afterwards the creations are gently melted with an iron (library staff do the ironing) leaving students with a permanent plastic creation which can be used as ornaments, keychains, gifts, etc.

Students are inspired to engage in creative engineering building projects out of Keva Planks.

Intermediate Grade Flexible Seating

This is an example of surfer desks being used at General Wayne Elementary School. Before these desks were introduced the students would be sprawled on their stomachs working on their iPads. With flexible seating, they are in sitting position with the iPad at eye level which is more comfortable and conducive to getting more work done.

Brilliant Life Support

Brilliant Life Support is a new program at Great Valley High School that was created to train teachers and students the essential skills and knowledge associated with providing CPR. HS students Ethan Brilliant, Mallory Brilliant, and teachers Paul Kent and Dustin Kasper worked together to acquire supplies and training. As certified CPR trainers, this team will now offer CPR training to both students and staff in hopes that it provides life-saving results.