The Venture Grant Program is Paused for the 2020-2021 school year.

The mission of Great Valley School District Education Foundation is to enrich the total student experience in the Great Valley School District, as a community partner, by funding special projects and programs. The purpose of the Venture Grant program is to provide funding for innovative ideas that integrate with the educational experience. The Foundation is the incubator of these fresh new ideas to test the effectiveness and applicability to as many students as possible. The Foundation works collaboratively with the school district administration to ensure that grants satisfy established criteria.

The general description of the Venture Grant process is:

  • Staff who are interested in receiving a Venture Grant will first submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) to the building principal. This shorter outline of your idea will determine your grant eligibility.
  • The LOI will be due to the Foundation soon after the start of the school year. Therefore, staff is asked to think about potential grants over the summer and to connect with the building principal to discuss the idea in mid to late summer.
  • Staff with an approved LOI will be invited to apply for a Venture Grant. The Venture Grant application will be directly emailed to approved LOI writers and will be accepted by the Foundation in early October.
  • Grants will be awarded in November for implementation in the same school year.

The Venture Grant guidelines are available here. 

Great Valley School District Education Foundation bridges the community and our schools to help bring resources and financial support to pilot innovative programs that inspire our students.

We are eager to fund your creative ideas to support students’ learning and look forward to your participation in the Venture Grants program next school year! Should you have any questions about Venture Grants or how Great Valley School District Education Foundation might support your work, please email us at

Check out some of the grants we’ve awarded!

The following lists grants provided by school year. It gives a taste of the breadth and depth of programs supported by the Foundation. You can click the links, nest to the years, to see descriptions and pictures that teachers have submitted to show the great work these grants are doing in our schools.

2013 - 2014

2012 - 2013