We believe that by investing in childhood education, you invest in the future of a community. We are asking YOU – our community, our parents, our friends, and our corporate partners to help our efforts, because every child needs an environment where they can dare to dream big.

Great Valley School District Education Foundation created “The Annual Campaign” to provide a way for the community to make tax-deductible, voluntary donations to our great schools on an annual basis, just as you would donate to your local hospital, church or charity.  We are dedicated to community-wide participation and philanthropy that ensures funding to support Great Valley School District’s mission to inspire and prepare passionate life-long learners. By securing funds, resources, and knowledge from the private sector, The Foundation provides innovative educational, cultural, athletic and wellness initiatives that may not normally be supported by the school district’s budget. 


Great Valley School District Education Foundation funds new initiatives in our schools that support these goals:

Thank you to our donors!

Keith Anushko

Peter Austin

Christine Austin

Lisa Babbitt

Bipin Baghele

Mark Banavitch

Theresa Becker

Ken Bigelow

Nancy Bigelow

David Biles

Finbar Bleahen

Shaun Bollig

Sally Bovell

Joe & Lisa Boyce

Terri Boyer

Andrea Bruderle

Maryellen Byrne

Stephen Calnek

Annie & Paul Campbell

Barbara Cantarella

Johnna Capitano

Amy Chain

Diane Chi

Michael and Bonnie Citron

Julie Collins

Kellanne & Michael Cortese

Kathleen Crisi

Tom & Ann Curran

Sarah Daddona

Tracy Defina

Emir Duzic

Marc Ernest

Megan Fant

Ann Dee Feiner

Amy Finkbiner

Lynelle Fitzmier

Shirley Fung

Cesar Garcia

The Casey Gilmartin Family

Mary Gilmartin

John Ginelli

Amanda Glatfelter

John Groch

GVMS Sunshine Club

Lucy M Haney

Diane Hauser

John Herr

Jennifer Hiltebeitel

Jill Hughes

James & Denise Hubley

Chad Hutchinson

Hind Ighachan

Minki Jeong

Robert Johnson

Rita Jones

Venkata Sravan Jonnalagadda

Santoshkumar Katkur

Panayota Kevgas

The Koester Family

Pooja Kokkengada

Sireesh Kuppireddi

Anne LaPlante

Susan A Leighton

The Liebesman Family

Abby Magen

George & Laura Mathew

Lina Matta

Katelyn McCabe

Kevin McCarthy

Karen McDonough

Elizabeth McGarrigle

Donald Merrill

Nicholas Merriwether

Linda Morgan

Joan Murtha

Alexander Nikas

Rebecca O’Donnell

Olafson Family


Bill Pikounis

Portnoff Law Assoc.

Kate J. Prendergast

Marie Pendergast

Sridhar Rabindran

Viju Raman

Hanu Ramavath

Vicki Reilly

Brock Riffel

Michael Risch

Andrea Rizzo

Aimee Rodriguez

Stephen Roker

Marilyn Rothberg

Chris Salerno

Ellen Schadl

Virginia Schaeffer

Brian Schneider

Rajagopalan Shanmugavelan

Sumit Sharma

Amy Sinns

Stephen Skoufalos

Pamela Smyth

Abbey Stitzer

Dylan Supina

Vinod Thangada

Geraldine Verano
John Waddel

Amol Wagh

Kathy Wagner

Craig Waltman

Jackie & Jason Webb

Bob Wilkey

Sara Williams

Mary Catherine Wilson

Shirley Yan

Nguessan Yobouet

Alice Young

Min Zhu


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