Annual Campaign 2012 - 2013 Goal: $250,000
Raised: $272,825

*as of 5/3/13

2 weeks…$260,000… History Was Made…

In 2012 our Great Valley community responded to severe school budget challenges with the Write the Future Campaign. In just two short weeks the Great Valley community donated more than $260,000 to keep important programs in our schools for the 2012-2013 school year. This unprecedented effort made a united and resounding statement that WE ARE GREAT VALLEY. We are a place of innovation and growth. We support strong schools, and we support expanding educational opportunities for our students.

What makes a great education?
We do. Together. Thank you, Great Valley.

Your donated dollars kept the following in place for our students in the 2012-2013 school year:

The impact of the Write the Future Campaign will reach far into the future. Our continued commitment to strong schools will ensure that our tradition of excellence in education is sustained for all Great Valley children.

The goal for our Annual campaign is the same – to keep important programs in our schools for each school year. We can do it!